Dialysis Unit

Services offered

The centre offers a comprehensive range of services for treatment of end-stage kidney disease (ESRD), namely haemodialysis (acute and chronic), haemofiltration, haemodiafiltration, peritoneal dialysis (CAPD and APD), plamapheresis as well as a transplant programme. Adequate treatment of renal patients means comprehensive treatment therapies encompassing all aspects of chronic renal failure, including uremic disorders and dialysis-related complications thereby reducing morbidity and mortality.

Contact Details

Kempton Kidney and Dialysis Centre
011 922 1284

2nd Floor,
Arwyp Medical Suites
22 Pine Avenue, Kempton Park


Dr. Vakhtang Rekhviashvili

011 922 1137

2nd Floor Arwyp Medical Suites 22 Pine Ave, Kempton Park

Dr. Shayob Wadee

011 922 1137

2nd Floor Arwyp Medical Suites 22 Pine Ave, Kempton Park

Dr. Zakaria Gangat
011 922 1137
2nd Floor Arwyp Medical Suites 22 Pine Ave, Kempton Park

Arwyp and Fresinius Medical Care

The Kempton Kidney and Dialysis Centre situated on the second floor of the Arwyp Medical Suites was launched in March 2004 as the South African subsidiary, the first on the East Rand (now Ekhuruleni), of Fresenius Medical Care, a world global market leader in dialysis products and services.

The centre has specialized experienced and dedicated staff as well as an in-house nephrologist to see to individual patient needs which are of paramount importance. The modern and reliable equipment found at the centre has built-in On-Line Clearance Monitors (OCM) that displays the adequacy of each treatment ensuring high quality dialysis.

All patients are offered high-flux dialysis which ensures excellent clearance as well as the state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water treatment system ensuring that the water is of highest purity. The centre is equipped with ergonomically designed chairs which provide patient comfort and safety during treatment. The dialysis treatment does not only determine the well-being of the patient during dialysis itself but also significantly influences the patient’s medical condition and the quality of life.

Attention revolves around the patient and this is reflected in the products developed and the services offered. Arwyp endorses the company’s mission which is “to increase the life expectancy and improve the quality of life for ESRD patients”, which can only be achieved by being the number one in dialysis care expertise.

Fresenius Medical Care’s head office may be contacted on 082 860 RENAL / (011) 545 0200 for any further information required.