General Surgery

Once a patient has been admitted to hospital for general surgery, the doctor and the nursing staff will give the patient more specific instructions.
The doctor may do some blood tests, an ECG or take chest x-rays. A full medical and anaesthetic history will be taken and any risk factors reported to the doctor.
A patient may not eat or drink for eight hours prior to surgery. A consent form is signed and a hospital theatre gown is to be worn to theatre.
Any jewellery, dentures, contact lenses and nail polish must be removed.
The anaesthetist may order pre-medication and a urine specimen will be sent to the laboratory for testing.
The patient may need to be shaved or receive a specific skin preparation prior to the procedure and identification bands will be fitted.

General surgeons

Dr. Blackie Swart

2nd Floor, South Wing
011 922 1122

Dr. Lloyd Vambe

1st Floor, Main Building
011 922 1551

Dr. Nick Wolmarans

8 Seekoei Str, van Riebeeckpark 
011 976 3177

Dr. Paul Mbaya

3rd Floor Medical Suites 22 Pine Ave
011 922 1229

Dr. Tarig Mohammed

Sessional Rooms Blockhouse Str 
011 922 1141