Trauma Centre

The casualty and trauma unit is equipped to handle all situations – no emergency is too small or too big! Trauma trained doctors and staff members are available day and night – all year round.

This unit has been upgraded to a Trauma Level 1 Unit – competent to handle any emergencies! A triage system is in place to ensure that all patients are assessed effectively to ensure medical assistance is given in the shortest time possible. Our doctors are ATLS trained.

We have a specialist on 24 hour call to immediately attend to trauma patients.

A helicopter-landing pad ensures that patients in urgent need of medical care can be set down at Arwyp where they will immediately receive the necessary attention.

The trauma unit is fully supported by our competent team of specialists.

Workmen's Compensation Act (WCA) cases

All WCA cases are handled efficiently at the Arwyp`s 24 hour casualty and trauma unit. Special arrangements can be made with the unit manager to ensure treatment to WCA patients without delay.

Contact details

Phone: 011 922 1055

Entrance: Cnr Blockhouse Rd and Central Ave