Nursing Auxiliary Course

Please note: This course is not currently being offered. Notification will be given out as soon as applications reopen.

To provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to deliver quality nursing care as prescribed by the SA Nursing Council

Duration of the course:

  • 1 year

Admission requirements:

  • Senior certificate or equivalent (Grade 12) with an English first language mark of at least 60% or English first additional language mark of at least 60%
  • M-score of at least 6 / APS score of at least 12
  • Psychometric GMA score of at least 5
  • English Proficiency score of at least 60%
  • Selection interview score of at least 75%
  • SA citizenship

The following documents will be required:

  • Application Form
  • 2 ID photographs secured to application
  • 2 copies of ID document (certified)
  • 2 copies of senior certificate (certified)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • R350.00 non-refundable application handling fee

Recognition of course:
The successful learner will be registered with the SA Nursing Council as an Enrolled Nursing Auxiliary