History of the Arwyp Medical Centre Training Institute

When Arwyp Medical Centre opened its doors in May 1986, all expectations were exceeded as it soon grew into one of the biggest medical centres in the country. Due to this rapid growth as well as to the need to satisfy market expectations and to differentiate the hospital’s services from those of its competitors, it became obvious that there was a need for specialised in-house training.

The training of nurses at Arwyp began in 1996 beginning with a two year bridging programme presented in cooperation with the Ann Latsky Nursing College. As the need for adequately trained nurses became more apparent, accreditation as a nursing school was applied for and obtained. The first auxiliary nursing course commenced in January 1999. The Arwyp Training Institute was formally launched in September 2001. By December 2001, the institute had trained 24 auxiliary nurses, 5 enrolled nurses and 18 registered nurses and was well on its way to becoming the accomplished and well-recognised training facility it is today.

The growth of the training institute meant that space on the 12th floor of the main building was becoming limited and the move to new premises was made in January 2005. When the Kempen Building in Pine Street, located next to the Arwyp East Parking was renovated, the 3rd floor of what then became known as the Arwyp Medical Suites building became the new premises for the ATI providing ample space for the facilitators and students. In September 2010 brand new premises became available in the building in Central Rd where the institute is now located.

The latest figures of how many learners have been trained per category to date by ATI are as follows:

  • 133 Professional (Registered) Nurses since 1996:
    14 In cooperation with the Ann Latsky Nursing College
    14 In cooperation with the Netcare Training Academy
    105 through the Arwyp Training Institute
  • 482 Enrolled Nurses since 1998:
    3 In cooperation with the Ann Latsky Nursing College
    4 In cooperation with the Netcare Training Academy
    475 through the Arwyp Training Institute
  • 558 Auxiliary Nurses since 2000:
    All through the Arwyp Training Institute
  • 603 Care Workers since 2002:
    All through the Arwyp Training Institute
    Total trained: 1776

Our results speak for themselves:

August 2014
I would like to inform you that the PAN 13:01 learners (54) have all passed their exams – 100% pass rate; 14 (26%) distinctions in theory and 27 (50%) distinctions in practical with 13 (24%) honours. Bridging 2 learners (28): 96% pass rate: 13 honours (46%), 24 distinctions in practical (86%), 15 (54%) distinctions in theory. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation to everyone for their contribution in achieving these results.

September 2013
16 Bridging learners wrote their final examination for the first year in June 2013. The group obtained a 100% pass rate. Three of the learners passed with honors, three learners achieved theoretical distinctions and 10 learners obtained practical distinctions. The highest theoretical result obtained by the group was 83,25% and for practical was 90%. These learners now continue with their second year of training and will sit the final examination for their second year in May 2014. ATI would like to thank all who have participated in the teaching and development of these learners thus far.

May 2013
The Arwyp Training Institute is maintaining its vision to be the private training provider of choice for basic nursing programs and care workers in Gauteng by providing accessible, high quality education and training. We are proud to announce that ATI has maintained its 100% pass rate. The twelve first year Bridging learners that sat for SA Nursing Council (SANC) examinations have all passed. In this group we have 5 Arwyp employees. We would like to extend our appreciation to ATI staff that assisted these learners to reach their goal. Also to the Arwyp team that assisted in their clinical teaching and learning.

October 2012
We have received the results of the Pupil Auxiliary learners who sat their exams on 27 July 2012. There were 54 learners who wrote, of which 50 passed. This is a pass rate of 92.6% for the group. The group boasts a total of 29 distinctions andx8 learners passed with honours! The 4 learners who did not pass will be entered to re-write on 30 November 2012. We are also happy to report that extended BR learners Mampaleng Tshabalala and Adrienne Bogatie both passed their final examinations – well done to them! Furthermore, they each boast one distinction! Thank you to all who were involved in their professional “upbringing” – you did a great job! Please join me in welcoming Mampaleng and Adrienne to the ranks of professional nurses!

August 2012
The group that completed their care worker course at the end of July 2012 (PCW 12:01) boasted the following results: 19 Learners wrote the exam and all passed, a one hundred percent pass rate. 8 Learners passed the exam with distinction. Congratulations to all of them and well done.

July 2012
The three learners who re-wrote and one extended learner who wrote the final Pupil Enrolled SANC examination in May 2012 have all passed their exams!!! We would like to congratulate them and wish them much success in their nursing careers!

June 2012
The results of the bridging 2nd year learners who sat their final exams on 28 & 30 March 2012 are as follows: 14 of 17 learners passed the clinical and both papers of the theoretical components of the exam, and will be registered as RN’s. 3 learners failed the 2nd paper of the theoretical component of the exam and will be re-writing this paper. The group obtained 8 clinical and 4 theoretical distinctions.

May 2012
We have received the results for the Bridging First Year group that sat their final exam at the end of February 2012. The group achieved a 100% pass!!! The group obtained five clinical and thirteen theoretical distinctions! The learners now continue with their second year of study and will be writing their final SANC exam at the end of March 2013. ATI would like to thank all who contributed to their growth and development and to all departments within Arwyp that support ATI in the remarkable way that you do – thanks a million!

January 2012
The 6 PAN learners (4 Learners’ course period was extended and 2 re-wrote the exam ), who sat their final exams in Nov 2011 have all passed. One learner passed with honours! Thanks to all who contributed to their success!

October 2011
We have just received the SANC exam results for the Auxiliary learners that wrote their exams on 29 July 2011. Of the 51 learners that sat the exam, 49 passed (pass rate of 96%). Two learners will re-write in November 2011. The group obtained 14 clinical and 8 theoretical distinctions and 6 learners passed with honours!

July 2011
19 first year Bridging learners sat the SANC exams in March 2011. 16 of them passed the exams. The 3 candidates who didn’t pass will be entered to write the re-exam in June 2011 and will continue their second year of training at present. Consideration should be taken into account of the fact that the results throughout the country were considerably lower than last year, with a pass rate of only 74%, a distinction rate of 2% and a failure rate of 26% compared to 2010 results of 91.5%, 8% and 9.5%.

February 2011
The second Pupil Care worker group of 2010 completed their course at the end of February 2011. They boast 100% pass rate, with 4 of the 25 achieving distinctions! The two PAN 09:01 learners who re-wrote their exam in November 2010 both passed their exams!!! They have proven in doing so that they have perseverance and the desire to succeed.

December 2010
Please join all of us at ATI in congratulating Johanna Moyane & Masabata Hlatswayo on their success in the South African Nursing Council examinations and welcoming them to the ranks of registered nurses at Arwyp! Their exams were postponed twice, the first time due to the paper being leaked, and the second time due to the strike by teachers! Yet they persisted and eventually achieved their objective! Well done to them both.

October 2010
The group of 17 care worker learners who sat their final exams at the end of August 2010 obtained 100% pass rate. The group of 57 auxiliary learners who sat their final exams on 30 July 2010 boasted a 96.5% pass rate and achieved the following results: 32 distinctions in total, 18 in clinical nursing science and 14 in theoretical nursing science, with 13 learners passing with honours. Well done Arwyp learners.

August 2010
The seven enrolled learners that re-wrote their final SANC exam at the end of May 2010 and the one that wrote for the first time due to the fact that her course was extended because of maternity leave, all passed the exam, with one learner obtaining a distinction! These learners all tackled their initial disappointment with vigour and determination, and now have been rewarded with positive results. Thank you all who have been supporting them, and join me in welcoming them as EN’s to the family of nursing!

June 2010
The latest results received for the bridging learners who wrote their first year exams in February 2010 have also been received – the group performed very well. Furthermore the group obtained a 100% pass rate! Our own Zasskia Roode obtained the highest mark in the country - (91%)!!! Also, in the Enrolled group of learners whose results we previously communicated to you, ATI produced the second best individual learner result in the country! She is Ntombizodwa Sylvia Mahlangu, a learner employed by and sponsored for her year’s training at ATI and Arwyp for the year by Louis Pasteur hospital in Pretoria. She obtained 96%. The best performer in the country obtained 96.5%!

June 2009
The 2nd year bridging students’ results have been received. I am very happy to inform you that 12 of the 14 students passed both the theoretical exam papers that were sat on 25 & 27 March 2009 respectively and that the other 2 each passed 1 of the 2 exam papers. These 2 both qualify to re-write the paper. Furthermore the group obtained 6 distinctions amongst them! Thank you so much to all that were involved in the facilitation and professional growth of these individuals – their success is also your success! Please join us in celebrating these students’ great achievements and in welcoming them to the ranks of registered nurses!

May 2009
I am extremely proud and thankful to inform you that all of our first year Bridging students (there are 16 of them) who sat their first year exams on the 25 & 27 February 2009 passed!!!! Not only did they achieve 100% pass, but also have 8 distinctions amongst them! We wish them all the best as they have already commenced with their second year of training!

March 2009
The latest examination results received were as follows:

  • Herewith the results of the final examination of the Pupil Care Worker 08:03 Group: There were 33 learners who sat the examination. The group achieved 100% pass with 7 distinctions!
  • Herewith the results of the final SANC examination of the Pupil Enrolled Nurse 08:01 Group: There were 54 learners who sat the examination. The group achieved 94.4% pass – 3 learners will re-write the exam. The group achieved 21 distinctions amongst them!

We are happy to welcome all these newly qualified individuals, and wish them all much success in their careers. I would like to thank all of you that are involved with our learners for all your patience and effort put into their development – it has borne good fruit, and I assure you, it has changed all of their lives forever, and for the better!!!

October 2008
The PAN 07:02 group of 30 who sat their final SANC exam in July 2008 achieved a 100% pass rate with 12 learners passing with honours (average of 75% obtained for both the theoretical and clinical components) and a further 12 distinctions in the theoretical component and 2 distinctions in the practical component (75% or above for the respective component).

May 2008
The six 2nd year bridging learners who wrote their final SANC exams on 26 & 28 March 2008 have all passed!!! Also the 4 Auxiliary learners (PAN 07:01 group) who wrote in March 2008, have all passed - one with distinction!

March 2008
The results of the Pupil Enrolled Nurses (Staff nurse course) who wrote their final SANC exam in January 2008 have arrived and our students have done Arwyp PROUD! The 31 learners who sat the exam all passed = 100% pass rate! Apart from that they have 23 distinctions amongst them and 10 learners passed their course with honours! Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the development of these learners. We are delighted with Arwyp’s achievement!

February 2008
News from the Arwyp Training Institute is that the results of the Auxiliary learners who wrote their nursing exams in November 2007 arrived this month. The 28 candidates who sat the exam between them achieved a pass rate of 96.4% and two of the candidates passed the exams with honours. Of them 15 have already started the Enrolled nursing course this month! Congratulations to both the students and facilitators involved, on these fine results.

October 2007
The 24 auxiliary learners who wrote their exam in July 2007 have all passed! 18 of them passed with honours, and 2 more achieved one distinction each!!!
5 bridging learners have also recently passed which is great news for the ATI and for the nursing department also, as they now are sisters awaiting registration.

June 2007
Arwyp has done it again! Apart from the two latest Care Worker groups who both had 100% pass rate, the 1st year bridging students who wrote their SANC exams in March this year are the 6th consecutive nurse training group of Arwyp to boast a 100% pass rate!!! Furthermore, there are 4 learners who obtained distinctions in the group! We are also very proud of those 2nd year bridging learners who passed both the SANC exam papers and thus will be registered very soon!!!! We are delighted to welcome them as professional nurses!

April 2007
This news was recently received from Helene Pieterse, Manager of the Arwyp Training Institute (ATI):
“I am very happy and proud to inform you that Arwyp has done it again! 16 Pupil Enrolled nurses sat the final SANC exam in January 2007, and they all passed = 100% pass rate once again! There were 4 distinctions all in all and one learner passed her course with honours!”

February 2007
The PAN 06:01 group of 16 learners have all passed their final South African Nursing Council (SANC) exams which were sat in November 2006!!! They performed very well, with 12 distinctions and 6 learners passing their course with honours!!! Congratulations to all who contributed to their professional development and thank you for all the hard work put in to ensure that they will be an asset to Arwyp, the profession and the community! We can all be rightfully proud of their achievements!

May 2006
‘We have just received the results of the group of 2nd year pupil enrolled nurses who wrote their final examination in January 2006. 34 candidates sat the examination and achieved a pass mark of 85.29% with those who did not pass qualifying for a re-write in May 2006. 11 learners obtained a distinction each and 4 learners passed their examinations with honours (an average of at least 75% in both the clinical and theoretical examinations). The group’s average mark was 63.85%. We are very proud of the performance of these learners and of the fact that we have 29 new staff nurses in circulation with immediate effect. ’

February 2006
These are the results of the group of PAN learners who wrote their final SANC exam in November 2005:
36 learners wrote the exam and achieved a pass rate of 94.4%. In all there were 19 distinctions, and 7 learners passed their course with honours.

November 2005
The Arwyp Training Institute (ATI) took pleasure in introducing 12 new staff nurses to the profession in November this year and wishes them every success for the future. Final SA Nursing Council (SANC) exams were written by the Pupil Enrolled Nurses in September 2005. There were 14 learners who wrote the exam with a pass rate of 85.7 The group’s average mark was 67%. Four learners passed their course with honours

“We have received the results of the final SANC exam of the auxiliary nurses who wrote in July 2005. The group’s pass rate is 87%, and their average mark for the clinical and theoretical exams is 66.21%. We have 4 learners who passed with honours! We are very proud of those learners who passed and who excelled! Thank you and also congratulations to all involved – the effort is a joint one, and the rewards are therefore shared! Well done!”

January 2005:
We have received the results of the Pupil Auxiliary Nurses Auxiliary (PAN) and Pupil Enrolled Nurses (PEN)1 learners who wrote their South African Nursing Council (SANC) exams in November 2004.

  • Auxiliary group of 17 learners: 16 passed both clinical and theoretical exams, 1 learner unfortunately failed the theoretical exam with 45.5% and qualifies for a re-write in March this year. In this group there are 9 distinctions and 4 learners passed with honours.
  • 1st year enrolled group of 15 learners: 100% pass!! In this group there were 15 distinctions of which 10 learners passed with honours. Highest mark: 92%.
  • Also, the Care Worker group who are completing at the end of January 2005 achieved the following results in their final written exam:
  • 13 learners wrote the exam, 11 passed, 2 with distinction! The two who didn’t pass, both qualify for a re-write.
    This has been our largest combined group ever (32 learners).
    Combined statistics: 31 of 32 passed = pass rate of 96.88%.
    14 of 32 obtained honours (average of 75% or more for both the clinical and theoretical components) = honours rate of 43.75%.