Arwyp Training Institute
is a
Registered Basic Life support training centre
(listed with the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa)

We offer the following courses:

Family and Friends CPR
Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers

Family and Friends CPR
The Family and Friends CPR Course is aimed at members of the public, family members, relatives and friends of adults and children at risk for sudden death. It is ideal for laypersons with no prior medical knowledge who want to learn lifesaving rescue skills for their loved ones.

The course provides a basic orientation to the skills of CPR and choking for adults, children and infants, and how to activate the emergency services. A 55-page Family and Friends CPR Booklet is provided to each participant for review before, during and after the Course.
3 hour course, R400 per person (place for only 9 candidates per day)

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
The BLS for Healthcare Providers Course is intended for participants who provide health care to patients in a wide variety of settings, including in-hospital and out-of-hospital settings. These healthcare providers may include (but are not limited to) doctors, nurses, paramedics, medical technicians, respiratory therapists, physical and occupational therapists, doctor's assistants, registrars, interns, medical and nursing students in training, aides, medical and nursing assistants and other allied health personnel.

The course is also designed for anyone who is required to take a Healthcare Provider Course for employment. The course is a prerequisite for advanced courses in resuscitation.

The course comprises 36 Lessons and teaches the skills of CPR and choking for victims of all ages, including ventilation with barrier devices, pocket masks, bag-valve-mask devices with supplemental oxygen, and the use of Automated External Defibrillators. A 62-page BLS for Healthcare Providers Student Manual is provided to each participant for review before, during and after the Course. For successful completion of the Course, participants will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in CPR
and AED use, and obtain a score of at least 84% in the final written evaluation.
6 hour course, R800 per person (place for only 6 candidates per day)

For any bookings and enquiries, please contact:
Training Centre Co-ordinator Mrs Marlyn Wasilwa on 011 922 1398 or or leave a message with the receptionist on 011 922 1325