Day Surgery

For some procedures it is not necessary that the patient remain in hospital overnight. These patients are therefore admitted and discharged on the same day.

To ensure that your admission is as smooth and comfortable as possible, please take note of the following:

  • Please set aside the whole day to ensure there is no misunderstanding regarding the expected duration of your stay.
  • Please prepare yourself for a waiting period and bring reading matter or something to keep yourself occupied.
  • After your operation you will recuperate in the ward. The minimum period of stay will be one and a half hours and can be extended depending on your reaction to anaesthetic and the type of procedure performed. Please arrive at the reception area of our hospital at the time recommended by your doctor
  • You should not eat or drink anything, including water, for a prescribed time period before undergoing surgery. For your own safety, please adhere to these fasting requirements as failure to observe this could result in the delay - or even cancellation – of your surgery
  • Should you be taking regular medication - such as for epilepsy, hypertension or diabetes - please confirm with your surgeon whether or not you should take the medication on the day of the procedure. If you take blood thinners (such as Warfarin or Plavix), please ask your surgeon how many days before the scheduled surgery you should stop taking this medication or adjust the dose.

Upon arrival in the ward, you will be given an overview of the basic routine in the ward, and told about the services available in the hospital. A member of the nursing staff will then record your medical history. Please inform them of any medication you take on a regular basis. This medication must be handed to the staff member who will ensure that your medication is then administered to you along with other medication prescribed during your stay.

Please do not take any chronic (regular) medication without informing the nursing staff of this medication. It could interfere with your other prescribed medication.