On leaving the hospital

The hospital discharge procedure is as follows

  • The patient is seen and discharged by her doctor.
  • The paediatrician discharges the baby.
  • Before discharge the staff has to:
    • Assess the mother and the baby.
    • Renew the dressing (Caesarian section).
    • Order the patient’s medication from the pharmacy, which will be brought to the ward.
    • Discuss the discharge advice with the patient
Please ensure that you are handed the following documents before leaving the ward: 

  • Discharge advice document 
  • Notification of birth
  • Notice to Medical Aid
  • Paediatrician’s appointment card
  • The baby’s Road to Health document (Clinic card)
  • La Leche contact number, if breast-feeding
  • Arwyp birth announcement certificate

Patients are normally discharged at + 11:00

You will be given a questionnaire to fill out regarding your experience of the hospital. Please fill the form in and hand it back to the staff.

One of the baby’s ID bands will be removed and attached to its record. Parents are requested not to remove the other ID band before leaving the hospital.