Follow up visits

N.B. The patient is responsible for making these appointments herself.

Removal of stitches following caesarian section

Stitches are normally removed on the 12th day post-op at the doctor’s rooms. These are the procedures with the various doctors but each doctor will inform his patient when he discharges her of when he next wishes to see her.

Six Weeks Post Partum Check Up

The patient must make an appointment to see her doctor six weeks after giving birth. However, should she have any problems before the appointment she should contact doctor sooner.

New Moms (and Dads),

We hope this information will stand you in good stead. We have tried to prepare you for what to expect and to answer the type of questions patients usually have.


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Good Luck. Enjoy your baby!!!
With compliments and regards from The management and staff of the Arwyp Medical Centre Maternity Section.